About me .......


Yoga / Meditation Teacher & Holistic Therapist 

Mob: 07731 850088 

I "fell deeply in love” with yoga at the beginning of my spiritual journey, over 30 years ago, during this time I was studying Buddhism at the London Buddhist Society. Since then my journey has taken me all over the world. I have had the privilege of meeting & learning from the most amazing teachers in many different  forms of Yoga & Buddhist meditation practices.
Along the way I qualified in a range of Holistic Therapies including Massage & Reiki. 

My style of yoga has developed over the years to create a wonderful- Yoga Fusion - that incorporates various meditation techniques & moving the body, mind & energies from stillness to flow - balancing the Yin & Yang Energies.

 My Buddhist / Yogic - ethics, principles & practices continuing to infuse, influence & enrich my daily life.

I care deeply about our environment, our planet & all animals - I commit to caring & protecting our precious resources & residents.

As my journey through life unfolds it brings me great personal development & growth - My Life is a wonderful adventure.


Peace. Kindness. Love