About me .......

Bodhi and Mind Yoga Fusion - With Lisa

I "fell deeply in love” with yoga at the very beginning of my spiritual journey, almost 30 years ago, during this time I was studying Buddhism at the London Buddhist Society. Since then my journey has taken me all over the world. I have had the privilege of meeting and learning from the most amazing teachers in many different  forms of yoga and Buddhist practice.

Along the way I qualified in a range of Holistic Therapies and through my Yoga and Buddhist studies I gained a deep understanding of meditation and its incredible benefits.

My style of yoga has been influenced by the teachings and guidance of my teachers over the years. I have embraced the various traditions of Ashtanga, Hatha,Vinyasa Flow, Dru Dance, Kundalini, Yin Yoga, Partner Yoga & Qi Gong. Studied Raja Yoga with the Brahma Kumaris. Tibetan Meditations in Dharamshala (home to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama). Currently studying Stoicism. As my journey continues.. I still learn many things and have chosen my religion ........

  My Religion is "Kindness" along with my Buddhist / Stoic / Yogic - ethics, principles & practices that continuing to infuse, influence & enrich my daily life.

I care passionately about the environment in which we live & feel the need to help look after our natural surroundings, protect our planet. 

My fascination with people & all things spiritual continues to open me to the fullness of life & as a result my own personal development & growth will be an on-going adventure.

My Yoga Classes are a fusion - bringing unity of the breath & postures to build sequences which flow into a moving meditations.

My gentle and inspiring approach will help to expand and deepen your understanding of yoga and how it can impact your daily life as well as gradually build strength & encourage suppleness into your body. Connection between you & your body & your breath & your mind can be challenging but also very rewarding, leaving you feeling mentally refresh, calm and at peace.  


Peace. Kindness. Love